Memphis OC Tries To Call Former Vol RB Jalen Hurd To Recruit Him, Leaves Voicemail On Some Frat Bro’s Phone Instead

On Monday, University of Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd announced that he’d be leaving the Volunteers Football team which led to speculation by many that he would be transferring. After starting 22 games for the Vols (playing in 26) over two years, Jalen Hurd racked up a total of 21 touchdowns with 17 of those coming on the ground. Whatever team lands Jalen Hurd next will be lucky to have such a gifted athletic talent on their roster, and that prospect has some coaches losing their heads.

Case in point, the University of Memphis Offensive Coordinator tried to call Jalen this week in an attempt to recruit him but in his haste to do so Chip Long accidentally dialed a frat bro and left a voicemail on his phone. You can hear that bizarre voicemail below, which is also an interesting look into the fairly secretive world of college football recruiting:

This voicemail was sent to infamous SEC columnist and troll Clay Travis over on Outkick the Coverage with the text:

Quoth the UT frat guy, Davis Dyer, via email:
“Last night on November 1st I received a missed call and voicemail from the OC at Memphis. He thought I was Jalen Hurd and gave a whole sales pitch to come to Memphis.
Honestly thought it was complete joke at first, but then I searched videos of this dude and every video I’ve seen sounds exactly like the voicemail.
I’m from Nashville and got one of my friends to send me Jalen’s number. Ours are very similar.”

I don’t really follow this bro’s logic on why he’d think someone was playing a joke on him unless he’s rolling with a lame ass crew. Calling your friend and pretending to be one of the least known coordinators in college football might be one of the lamest moves I can think of, so I’m not sure why this dude’s mind went there, but here we are.

If you’re looking for more information on what the future holds for running back Jalen Hurd you can CLICK HERE.

…(h/t OutkickTheCoverage)…