Memphis Transfer Emoni Bates Stuns The College Basketball World After Bypassing Louisville For Eastern Michigan

Memphis Transfer Emoni Bates Stuns The College Basketball World

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  • Former Memphis Tigers star Emoni Bates was the top player in the transfer portal.
  • Bates was down to a number of finalists, with Louisville emerging as the favorite.
  • But, he has decided to play at Eastern Michigan in a stunning development.

The college basketball transfer portal has died down in the past month. But, Memphis transfer Emoni Bates — the top transfer on the market — had been floating around for the entire time.

Recently, Bates named his finalists, including Michigan, Arkansas, DePaul, Seton Hall, Eastern Michigan, and the favorite — Louisville.

Bates has made his much-anticipated decision, but instead of heading to Louisville, he is heading to the MAC and playing for Eastern Michigan. Joe Tipton of ON3 broke the story:

This is a massive shift for several programs, with Louisville being hit the hardest. Back in May, Louisville looked to be the favorite landing spot for Bates.

There is much to like about Bates, even if his first college campaign didn’t go as planned.

Emoni Bates Stuns Everybody By Picking Eastern Michigan

Although Eastern Michigan was one of the finalists, this is a massive surprise and a huge deal for college basketball fans everywhere.

Here’s Bates’ post on his Instagram, and he has to be thrilled about heading back to his home state.

Fans everywhere reacted to the former No. 1 high school prospect heading to Eastern Michigan.

As you can see, the reactions are all over the place, and the college basketball analysts also chipped in with their thoughts.

Well, the Bates saga is over, and now he heads to Eastern Michigan in a stunning development.