College Football Team Runs Onside Kick From ‘The Waterboy’ And It Couldn’t Have Gone Any Better

Mercer Football Chattanooga Onside Kick

Mercer University Athletics

As Mercer University football played host to 15th-ranked University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on Saturday, it decided to pull out all of the tricks. The low-scoring affair remained a one-possession game until late in the fourth quarter.

With less than four minutes remaining, the Bears held a one-point lead. They navigated a six-play, two minute and 43 second drive and knocked in a field goal to take a four-point advantage.

On the proceeding kickoff, head coach Drew Cronic decided to dial something up. Sophomore kicker Devin Folser lined up to boot the ball away.

He has a great FCS kicker look to him.

Devin Folser Mercer Kicker

Mercer Athletics

He also has a great leg on him.

Folser set the ball up at the 35-yard-line and proceeded to attempt what appeared to be a squib kick. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to result in a recovery, but it also wasn’t not supposed to.

What happened next was remarkable. Folser did something straight out of the movie ‘The Waterboy.’

Folser kicked the ball directly at a UTC return team player, it bounced off of his body at a significant velocity and landed right in the arms of a Bears specialist. The totally intentional squib, unintentional onside kick was successful and Mercer got the ball back.

Here it is in all of its glory:

The Bears went on to take a knee, run out the clock and upset the top-25 Monarchs. All because Folser made that man his b*tch.