Mexican National Team Players Crying While Singing Their National Anthem Is What It’s All About

Mexican National Team Players Crying While Singing Their National Anthem Is What It's All About

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The Mexcian National Team took the field for their first 2022 World Cup match against Poland. That match is arguably the first great matchup of the Qatar World Cup as these two countries are ranked 13th (Mexico) and 26th (Poland). And while Poland isn’t a top-25 ranked team they have one of the world’s best scorers in Robert Lewandowski.

Prior to the Mexican National Team’s game against Poland, they played the national anthems of both countries, as is tradition. During Mexico’s Himno Nacional Mexicano which is also known as ‘Mexicans, at the cry of war’ several of the Mexican National Team players were moved to tears.

It’s clear their entire lives have been leading up to this moment. Untold hours of hard work. Waking up before the sunrise and putting in hours at the gym long after everyone else went home. It is in this moment at the World Cup that all that hard work has paid off and the tears are flowing. If the YouTube video is blocked off in your area the twitter video below should work:

Soccer fans loved this moment:

This is quite a different display of emotion from the Mexican National Team compared to the Iranian National Team. The Iranians protested silently by not singing their country’s national anthem before their first match.

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