Miami Dolphins Star Jaylen Waddle Shows Off Offseason Gains

Miami Dolphins receiver Jaylen Waddle

Getty Image / Bryan M Bennett

Despite some major injury issues at quarterback last season, the Miami Dolphins’ passing game became truly dangerous in 2022.

Mike McDaniel taking over as their head coach and the addition of Tyreek Hill bought out a whole new level of play from Tua Tagovailoa when he was healthy.

Now it looks like the team’s other star receiver, Jaylen Waddle, is looking to take things up another notch.

He thrived last season, catching 75 passes for 1356 yards in the revamped offense with Hill around to take some defensive attention away from him.

This season, he bulked up to make himself even more difficult to stop.

When media noticed that he had put on some weight Waddle said (via Pro Football Tqlk),“You see that? You see that. You see that.”

When he was asked how much weight he had put on, Waddle just said, “I can’t tell you that. You see me run somebody over, then you’ll know.”

He revealed that his plan is to get bigger, faster, and stronger every year he is in the league.

“You trying to arm wrestle?” he said. “I feel bigger, stronger, faster. So it’s good right now. . . . I think each year you plan on getting better, bigger, faster, stronger, more knowledge and you’ll continue to — if you want success in this league — that’s how you’re going to continue to get it.”

Waddle already had 510 yards after the catch last season, but it looks like that wasn’t good enough for him as he wants to start trucking defensive backs.

With Tua back at 100% and Jaylen Waddle making himself even tougher to deal with, we could see an even more impressive Miami Dolphins offense next season.