Miami Dolphins With The Worst Kickoff Return In NFL History, Manage To Give Up A Safety On Next Play


CBS Sports

A one-yard kickoff return to the one-yard line. Amazing. I think it’s rarely – if ever – been witnessed before in the NFL, but it happened today with the Miami Dolphins visiting the Philadelphia Eagles. Back to field the kickoff after an Eagles TD was running back Damien Williams who’s playing with an injured and heavily wrapped hand, because that’s great coaching strategy right there.

Williams, seeing his teammate tell him to stop as soon as he’d picked the ball and broken the goal line full-steam ahead, was definitely thrown for a loop. It appeared instincts took him down before he even knew what happened. Rough. But not as rough as giving up a safety to a hungry Philadelphia Eagles defense the very next play.



Yes. Yes it did. Man, the Dolphins are not a good football team.

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