Michael Irvin’s Lawsuit Against Marriott Hotels Is Looking Good For The Hall Of Famer

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin‘s Super Bowl 57 weekend didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Irvin was on-sight in Phoenix working for NFL Network. But before he could even reach Super Bowl weekend, Irvin was pulled off of TV over allegations of misconduct.

Witnesses quickly leapt to Irvin’s defense, claiming the allegations were false. Irvin then filed suit against both the accuser and Marriott Hotels, who reported the alleged impropriety to NFL Network.

Irving then spoke publicly about the incident and subsequent lawsuit. While that wouldn’t typically be advised, it appears his strategy is working.

Michael Irvin Picks Up Big Win In Post-Super Bowl 57 Lawsuit

TMZ reports that Irvin recently picked up a big win in the courtroom against the mammoth hotel company.

But that wasn’t all. The judge also ruled that hotel must provide the name of Irvin’s accuser. It also must share the name of any NFL employees who may have filed a complain against Irvin.

Irvin’s legal team claims that the accuser was with the former NFL star for less than five minutes, all of which was in a public space.

According to the docs, Irvin only met the woman after she had called him over in the hotel lobby to introduce herself … and “eyewitnesses described the interaction as ‘jovial’ and completely harmless.” Irvin’s attorney wrote in the motion that the interaction lasted less than a minute, and Michael then went to his room alone and fell asleep. – via TMZ

The case is far from over. But it appears Irvin is sure off to a great start.