Michael Jordan’s 1981 Senior High School Yearbook Is For Sale And It’s A Very Intriguing Look Back

Before he was the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan was just a senior in high school like most of the rest of us. In fact, in his yearbook he was just referred to as Mike, not Michael. Of course, he probably had better basketball skills than 99% of us, but still he was just a kid trying to graduate all the same.

Thanks to our buds over at The Roosevelts who discovered Michael Jordan’s 1981 Laney Senior High School yearbook just sitting there on eBay waiting to be bought. (For the low, low, low price of just $2,595 or $433 a month for 6 months.)

On one page there’s a “letter” to Mike and Leroy Smith, one of MJ’s teammates.

This year’s basketball team has qualities as never seen before. Leroy Smith and Mike Jordan contributed to these qualities with their spectacular skills in basketball. “The boys are great athletes and they are going to make Laney famous,” stated their basketball coach Clifton Herring, who is partially responisble for their great success. Mike and Leroy’s goals in their basketball career here at Laney are for the benefit of the entire school. With tremendous effort and determination, these two talented young men proved to other competitive schools that Laney was unique. Mike and Leroy were offered numerous scholarships from across the country.

Laney High only hopes, Mike, that you proceed throughout life and expand your talents to make others as proud of you as Laney has been.

Poor Leroy Smith. Wonder if he knew then what would become of his teammate down the road and how his basketball career would pale in comparison?