Michelle Beadle Awesomely Agrees to Attend Prom With Paralyzed Hockey Player

In 2011 high school hockey player Jack Jablonski took a brutal check that ultimately left him paralyzed from the chest down. But instead of dropping sports from his life—as would be completely understandable—he became co-host of Hockey Night in Minnesota, a radio talk show that airs every Wednesday nights on “105 the Ticket.” (He’s also still in high school, so yeah, the kid is impressive.)

Jablonski’s job includes the occasional interview and Wednesday’s guest was the newly reinstated host of ESPN’s SportsNation, BEADS. Jablonski took this as an opportunity to make a move. This move was bold. And made for what I assume was pretty great radio.

“I’d formally like to invite you to my prom,” Jablonski asked. To which Beadle replied: “Seriously, I would love it. Can I wear an ’80s dress to the prom?” 

The two are going in May. It’ll be a fun, if sober occasion; Beadle later said, “No alcoholic beverages, Jack, I will be watching.” Although that may have been a legal obligation.

We’ve always been big Beadle fans, and this just solidifies things. It’s no surprise, as she later told Larry Brown Sports, that she’s already taken the time to know Jack for years. “I know that he’s a badass and someone I look up to immensely,” Beadle wrote to Larry Brown Sports in an email. “I was shocked when he asked today. And I adore him for doing it live on the radio. I’m honored to squeeze my 38 year old behind into a formal gown for a great night!”

And hey, she’s got him on her mind…

[H/T: Bleacher Report]