Michigan LB Devin Bush Disrespectfully Stomps On Michigan State’s Midfield Logo With His Cleats And Damages It Before Game

Today the Michigan Wolverines play their rivals Michigan State in a huge game that has CFB playoff implications.

Yesterday, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh went on local radio and spoke about the rivalry game.

Via 247 Sports

“You’re asking me if I understand? Yes, I understand,” Harbaugh said on 97.1 WXYT The Ticket’s Jamie and Stoney show Wednesday morning . “I grew up in this rivalry, played in this rivalry, coached in this rivalry. I understand it thoroughly.”

“It’s a rivalry, in-state, big game, and it’s treated it as such,” Harbaugh said. “We want to play our best. We want to play hard, we want to play smart. I’ve been impressed with our team in those two regards. We are playing really hard and really smart.”

It didn’t take long for the rivalry game to live up to it’s name as both teams got heated during the pregame warmups.

Apparently Michigan linebacker Devin Bush was so fired up that he started kicking the MSU midfield logo with his cleats.

Update: It seems like Bush was made that MSU players ‘clotheslined” during warmups.


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