Michigan Football Catfished Its Own Players

The Michigan football program was worried its players would fall victim to a Manti Te’o-like catfishing situation, so they did the only logical thing.

They ran their own cyber play-action fake using an outside consultant.

They “catfished” their own players.

“Before he came in, we gave him 20 Facebook accounts of guys on our team,” coach Brady Hoke said earlier this month while speaking with hundreds of the state's high school football coaches. “He had his assistant — she tried to talk to our guys. 'Hey, what are ya doin'?' Whatever it might be.

“Well, two months later we're in a team meeting and we're on the topic of what you put out there in the cyber universe … you should have seen 115 guys when that young lady — she was hot, now; a very, very nice looking young lady — when she walked into that meeting room, and the guys looking at each other.

“Because some of them didn't use their heads when communicating back and forth with that young lady.”

As you might expect, some of the players’ correspondences with the woman were “wholly inappropriate.”

Glad to see college football coaches are running their own “To Catch a Predator” stings these days. We’ve all been pining for that to become a reality for a long time.

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