Middle School Football Team Pulls Off Epic Trick Play Called ‘The Ugly Kardashian’

I have to admit, a trick play called “The Ugly Kardashian” is a whole hell of a lot cooler than naming it something cliche, like “The Annexation of Puerto Rico,” even if the play itself has been done a gazillion times before. Lewis and Clark Middle School pulled off this beauty in a game against Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Explains the coach to MaxPrep:

[I] wanted something catchy and funny, and always loved the name of the trick play from Little Giants.

When I said it the first time in the huddle they wouldn’t stop laughing. I threatened to change the name of it because they would laugh everytime I said it.

Football is supposed to be fun. So the name stayed.

You know what else is fun? Football plays that make fun of the Kardashians. Screw ’em.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]

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