Fake Mike Ditka Gets A Surprise When He Runs Into The Real Mike Ditka During His Bachelor Party

There’s no denying that Mike Ditka, of Chicago Bears and ESPN fame, is a total bro. Always rocking a cigar and speaking his mind like the old school guy he’s always been, “Da Coach” would be a joy to sip some fine wine and talk football with.

And one lucky guy (maybe?) got close to doing just that on his bachelor party, at the very least, snapping a pic with the real Ditka.

The bachelor, David Barnett, was visiting Chicago from Florida to celebrate one last night of unmarried debauchery, with his buddies convincing him to dress up as the legendary coach while they ate dinner at Ditka’s steakhouse.

Turns out, the real Ditka was there that night, leading to the Super Bowl winning coach posing like the badass he is with Barnett.

It’s definitely a moment Barnett and his buddies will never forget.

[H/T TMZ Sports]

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