Mike Tomlin Gives Surprising Update On Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Situation After Drafting Kenny Pickett


Getty Image / Stephen Maturen

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers used their first round pick in this year’s draft to select Kenny Pickett
  • Today, Mike Tomlin gave a surprising update on the team’s quarterback situation
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The Pittsburgh Steelers surprised some football fans when they opted to pick Kenny Pickett over Malik Willis with the 20th pick in the NFL Draft. Now, it seems like that might not be the only surprise they have in store at quarterback.

Mike Tomlin spoke with Rich Eisen today about his team’s top draft choice and had an unexpected take on Pickett’s chances to take the reigns as the team’s starting quarterback in year 1.

The possibility of Pickett being the Week 1 starter is somewhat of a surprising development for the Steelers. This year’s quarterback class wasn’t expected to have any year 1 starters in its ranks. For the Steelers, that seemed to be the reason Mitch Trubisky was signed this offseason.

The assumption was that Trubisky would be given the reigns for this season to keep the Steelers in playoff contention and then whatever rookie was drafted would take over when they were ready in year 2.

Even though the Steelers selected Pickett nearly 2 full rounds before any of his fellow rookie quarterbacks, him being the first QB in the class to lock down a starting spot would be an unexpected development.

Pickett was somewhat of a late bloomer in college. It took until his 5th year in college and 4th as Pitt’s starter to top 13 touchdowns. His late breakout made it seem like he would need some time to develop into the Steelers’ starter.

However things end up playing out leading into the season, we now know that there will be an actual quarterback competition for the Pittsburgh Steelers this summer.