Mike Tyson Tells Larry Wilmore Which Fighters, Both Real And Fictional, He Could Beat In A Fight

Mike Tyson was on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Thursday night and, of course, it was terrific. Who knew 15 years ago that Mike Tyson would become one of the most genial and funny guys on the planet?

So when the time came for Wilmore’s “Keep It 100” segment where guests have to be 100% honest Larry just had to go to Mike Tyson for the Q&A. The topic? Which fighters, both real and fictional could Iron Mike have beaten in a boxing match?

Here are some of his answers, though even it’s way better watching Mike’s reactions in the video below if you have a chance.

Muhammad Ali: “Ali wins.”
Joe Louis: “I win.”
Rocky II: “I win.”
George Foreman: “Might be close.”
Million Dollar Baby: “She might win.”
Apollo Creed: “I can take him.”
Jake LaMotta: “He wins.”
Robert DeNiro as Jake LaMotta: “He don’t stand a chance.”

Wilmore goes on to name several more people, but the best of all might have been…

Soda Popinski from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out: “He beat me before.”

Mike knows his limits.