High School Hooper Tells Teammate To ‘Trust Him’ Before Draining Buzzer-Beater In State Title Game


Bubba Davis has ice in his veins.

As Millwood High School took on Community Christian in the Oklahoma Class 3A state title basketball game, the momentum was entirely in their favor. Until it wasn’t.

After leading by 14 at the end of the third quarter, Millwood’s lead quickly vanished and the game was tied at 50 with just seconds left. As the Falcons took the ball up the court for the final possession, there were three outcomes.

  1. Millwood beats the clock and wins the state championship.
  2. Millwood coughs up the ball, Community Christian recovers, beats the clock and wins the state championship.
  3. Overtime.

What played out was ice cold and the hero was a freshman.

As Millwood brought the ball up the court, Chance Davis turned to his teammate at half court and told him that he was going to hit the shot. He said to trust him, he was going to hit it.

His teammate did exactly that and so did Davis. As the clock wound down to zero, Davis hit a corner three.

The moment was caught on camera and it goes crazy hard. Take a look:

Here’s another look at the closing moments, it was absolute scenes:

Davis spoke with the Oklahoman after the game and stayed confident.

“The coach had a lot of trust in me to knock the shot down,” he said. “They drew up the play. When they (drove) and got it to the corner, I did what I was told and I set my feet and I knocked the shot down.”

He might only be a freshman, but Davis is a legend forever at Millwood.