This Bro Road Tripped Through All 50 States In Search Of The Greatest Mini Golf Course In America

There was a time when it seemed like every day on the Internet I was reading a story about some person quitting their job to take an epic trip across the world in search of adventure, and after a while all of those stories started to blend together and all seemed like the same narrative.

This bro named Dan’s road trip and journey across all 50 states is DEFINITELY something that stands out from the rest. He friggin’ flew to Hawaii and Alaska and drove all around in pursuit of the single greatest mini golf course in America, only to find that course is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He blogged his entire journey (links below), and he threw up a comprehensive report (with pics) on Imgur of his journey through the 50 states. Here are some highlights:

This is the only course on his epic road trip that I’ve actually played. This mini golf course in TriBeCa used to be walking distance from my apartment in SoHo:

I love how weird Oregon is:

As I mentioned above, this bro detailed his entire road trip on Imgur as well as on his personal blog. You can scroll through the Imgur gallery below to see all 50 states and/or you can CLICK HERE to read his first-hand account of the best mini golf courses in America, with #1 being Mt. Atlanticus – Minotaur Goff in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

…(h/t r/golf)…

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