Minnesota Twins Unveil New Logo That Looks Identical To Their Old Logo

Minnesota Twins Unveil New Logo That Looks Identical To Their Old Logo

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right? Wrong. The Minnesota Twins decided it was time for a new logo so they updated their old logo by changing virtually nothing about it.

To the untrained eye, the Minnesota Twins new logo is a near-carbon copy of their old team logo. If someone was walking by a Minnesota Twins display on the street or a fan wearing merch there’s virtually no chance they would notice the update.

Look VERY closely and you MIGHT be able to tell the difference between the Minnesota Twins new logo and their old logo:

The Twins announced the change in a press release. They’ve also unveiled new hats with an ‘M’ that looks eerily similar to the Miami Marlins logo.

Twins’ EVP of Brand Strategy and Growth Joe Pohlad said “we have a 60-year-old franchise with fans that are very passionate about the Twins. Although we are trying to go somewhere new, we don’t want to throw out our past. And so, with that in mind, we wanted to hold on to that past, bring them along for the ride, and maintain some of those core values, not only of our fanbase, but also of our franchise, and bring that with us as we go into this future.”

Ah yes, the ‘future’. A slightly darker shade of red that looks just like the red on Clevelands’ uniforms. MLB fans had jokes, of course:

In addition to the new logo the Minnesota Twins are also ‘bringing back’ pinstripes to look just like the Yankees… Or the Marlins…

More jokes about the Minnesota Twins new logo:

This one is perfect:

The Minnesota Twins announced there would be ‘four all-new uniforms in the Twins’ rotation for the 2023 season.’ And then there’s this, which looks like something in Miami:

A colleague of mine remarked that he would LOVE to see the invoice for these ‘new designs’. It’s remarkable to think how much money potentially exchanged hands for these ‘new designs’.

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