Knicks Starter Voices Frustration About His Role With The Team

A view of Knicks center Mitchell Robinson's shoes.

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New York Knicks starting center Mitchell Robinson is not happy about his current role on the team. At least not according to his social media accounts.

The big man posted a message seemingly voicing his frustration with his usage, which has led to a response from NBA fans.

Robinson has been a starter in 48 of his 49 appearances this season. In fact, since being drafted by the organization back in 2018, he’s made 165 starts with 110 coming in the last two seasons.

While he’s been a prominent part of the lineup throughout his professional career, he’s apparently unhappy with how the team is utilizing his talents.

With the Knicks, he’s been a solid contributor, even having been named second-team All-Rookie in his first year. This season, he’s averaging 7.5 points per game, his lowest output since that debut campaign. He’s also notched 9.1 boards and 1.6 blocks a night.

While he’s considered a fantastic rebounder and shot blocker, Mitchell Robinson might believe he can be better used on the offensive end of the floor, too.

Here’s what he posted on social media this week.

Robinson says that he’s tired of being on the court “for cardio” and that he actually wants to “play basketball.” He closed by writing, “really just wasting my time and energy… disappearing for a while.”

Fans were quick to comment, with some Knicks supporters agreeing.

Others, though, aren’t hearing it.

Apparently, this is nothing new for Robinson.

And hey, what’s wrong with getting paid for a little cardio anyway?

Jokes aside, Mitchell Robinson is obviously not satisfied with his role on the team. It will be an interesting storyline to follow as we continue to near the playoffs.