Big Rule Changes That Will Change The Game Forever Are Coming To Major League Baseball

Big Rule Changes That Will Change The Game Forever Are Coming To Major League Baseball

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Major League Baseball approved rule changes today that will change some fundamental aspects of baseball.  Among them are a pitch clock, larger bases, and a ban on the shift.

A pitch clock could change Major League Baseball


A long-awaited pitch clock is coming to baseball. Here are the details, provided by Jeff Passan of ESPN.

The league’s competition committee, composed of six ownership-level representatives, four players, and one umpire, approved a pitch clock of 15 seconds with empty bases and 20 seconds with runners on, a defensive alignment that must include two fielders on each side of the second-base bag with both feet on the dirt as well as rules limiting pick-off moves and expanding the size of bases.

This should speed up games tremendously and put more games into a good rhythm.
@Killianszn agrees that this is the right move for Major League Baseball

Not everyone agrees, though. @JMill1120 on twitter thinks the pitch clock is a bad idea.

According to Passan, the pitch clock was one of the changes that were not a unanimous decision. It will also limit the number of pickoff attempts per batter to three.

Banning the shift is a controversial change coming to Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball will also ban certain defensive alignments. They will require four infielders to be on the dirt and and two infielders on each side of second base before the pitch is thrown. This will change how many teams play defense significantly. It will help a lot of pull-happy hitters, too.

Not everyone is happy about this change, though. Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports certainly is one of them.

@doll_aim on twitter thinks these rule changes go against the fabric of Major League Baseball

My unpopular opinion? Banning the shift is good.

— Christopher Nahlik (@nahlikcj) September 9, 2022




Also, the sizes of bases is going to be made bigger. This is said to help prevent injuries around the bags.

It will be interesting to see who does and does not benefit from these rule changes.

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