MLB Is Arguably Better With The Pitch Clock, Here’s The Stats That Prove It

MLB pitch clock

Getty Image / Meg Oliphant

Many baseball fans were against the idea of the pitch clock coming to the MLB. In fact, plenty of fans are still skeptical about its presence.

However, it appears teams are adjusting well to it. Especially considering we’re seeing a low number of strikes called due to a clock violation.

Despite that, old-school fans don’t want this new rule applied to the game. However, these stats might just prove that it makes the MLB even better.

According to Front Office Sports, the pitch clock is shortening the average length of the game by a considerable margin. This makes baseball much more appealing to casual fans.

Additionally, 20 teams are experiencing an uptick in ticket sales, as attendance is 5% better than it was just a season ago.

So, although old-school fans enjoy watching pitchers take their sweet sweet time on the mound, the pitch clock is bringing in more fans to the games.

No matter what your opinion is of this rule, the numbers indicate the pitch clock is here to stay in the MLB.

Teams are seeing an increase in attendance and fans are seemingly enjoying themselves more with the games shortened by roughly 30 minutes.

Now, not everything is positive. For example, clubs elongated beer sells into the eighth inning to make up for lost time. Despite that, the pitch clock seems to bring more positives than negatives.

With that said, look for the MLB to continue using the pitch clock for the long haul. This is the game of baseball now and there is no going back!