Drew League Dunk Just Ruined One Man’s Soul, Shattered An Ego, And Restored My Faith In Humanity

Drew League player Shannin Sharpe threw down a dunk so devastating I think he just caused a rip in the space-time continuum. It would’ve been 100x more beneficial to just let that layup go in the net, instead Drew League player Shannin Sharpe (who played for the Colorado Buffaloes) got the offensive rebound and threw down a poster dunk so devastating that the man he dunked on might never be the same again. Seriously bros, I want you to consider life while watching this quick clip and realize how life-shattering it would be to get dunked on this hard, and how you’d never walk tall again. All I can really say about this dunk is that wars have been fought over less:

I think it’s say that a piece of that defender died on the inside, but with that death comes the restoration of my faith in humanity. You see, lately I’ve completely given up on the NBA as a sport and thus have shut out all basketball coverage from my life. The players are all primadonnas and the player’s wives get more coverage than legit All Stars. It’s a fucking joke. But then this poster dunk comes along and totally restores my faith in basketball as being a sport worth watching.

As for who Shannin Sharpe is, the man in the video doing the dunking and crushing of souls, Bleacher Report tracked him down. Here’s another angle of that monstrous dunk:

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