U.S. Map Shows the Most Popular College Football Team in Each State

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With a few exceptions, this map just looks like a fucking map of the United States. According to Ticket City, the makers of this here map, big state schools are usually the big swinging dicks in their respective states. Arizona, Florida, Alabama, New Mexico, Iowa, Oregon, etc., all win the “Most Popular Team “superlative for their states. That’s apparently not the case in California, Indiana, New York, Texas and a few states where football evidently doesn’t matter, like New Hampshire.

Most of the states, while debatable, make sense, but Texas A&M is sticking out like a sore thumb (Or a herpes sore if we want to modernize the expression because I have never seen a fucking sore thumb in my time on earth. Have you?).

According to TicketCity, Texas A&M has a huge following on social media with twice as many Twitter followers and five times as many Facebook fans. Couple that with the fact that their tickets are averaging a higher price than the Longhorns and the Aggies easily are now the most popular team in the state.

You hear that? They are EASILY the most popular team in the state, because people follow them on social media. By that logic, Justin Bieber is the most loved person in the country. Tell ya what, Ticket City, send out your foot soldiers and have them go door-to-door because I think your findings reek like shit.


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