The Dallas Cowboys Are NOT America’s Team, The Denver Broncos Are (POLL: Most Popular NFL Teams)

A new Harris Poll shows the Dallas Cowboys, long held to be ‘America’s Team,’ have fallen on tough times. The Denver Broncos are now the #1 most popular team in the US, followed by the Packers, Giants, and then the Cowboys.

Other findings include 55% of all adults polled say they actively follow professional football (69% of males, 43% of females). The NFL is most popular with millennials (57%), followed by Gen X (56%), and college graduates are most likely to actively watch the NFL (60%).

But the big finding is how the teams heralded as ‘America’s Team’ has been knocked from atop the mountain. They’re down to #4 after their long stint at #1.

From Harris Interactive:

Furthermore, 5% of adults who watch football are batshit crazy and think THE STEELERS are going to win the Super Bowl this year (nobody picked the Bucs, Bucs fans unlike Steelers fans are not insane):

For full poll results you can head on over to Harris Interactive HERE.

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