Joe Montana ‘Hates’ That Tom Brady Passed Him As The GOAT – ‘Jealous Someone Else Lives His Life’

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For more than 20-years Joe Montana was able to live life known as the best player in NFL history. He was ‘Joe Cool’, the GOAT. Greatest Player of All-Time. Winning 4 Super Bowls in 16-seasons will do that.


Then, came Tom Brady. Brady nearly doubled the amount of rings Joe has while also breaking every single passing record in league history, taking the GOAT title away from Montana. And Joe “Hates it.”

The Dan Patrick Show hosted senior writer Wright Thompson on Thursday following his article on ESPN about Joe Montana’s life, which included an interview with Joe. Thompson is one of the noted writers in the sport and is known for his long featured stories about athletes.

On his appearance on the show, Dan Patrick asked Thompson about Montana’s feelings regarding Tom Brady passing him as the Greatest of All-Time. Thompson was blunt: “He hates it.”

After Dan Patrick asked Thompson once again about it, in order to confirm Montana does hate the fact he’s no longer viewed as the best player in history, Thompson said: “Yes, absolutely.”

Thompson expended by saying: “He’s less jealous of the rings, then he is of the fact he gets to watch someone else gets to live his life that got ripped from him.”

The Debate Is Over

Joe Montana knows it is no longer a discussion, Tom Brady is the best player in the history of the sport.

Brady ranks first in touchdowns, yards, wins, Super Bowl appearances, Super Bowl wins, total MVPs, Super Bowl MVPs, game-winning drives, playoff touchdowns, playoff yards, playoff wins and led the largest comeback in Super Bowl history (28-3 to the Falcons in Super Bowl LI). Brady has more Super Bowls than any team in league history.

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Joe Montana Loved The Dominance

Wright Thompson also shares a story about just how much Joe Montana loved holding on to that feeling of having the GOAT status.

Thompson details on a dinner involving NFL legends: Dan Marino, John Elway, Johnny Unitas and Montana. When the check arrived, Joe told the Hall of Famers: “Whoever has the fewest rings pays.”


The ring count was as follows:

Montana – 4

Unitas – 4

Elway – 2

Dan Marino – 0

“Marino dropped an F-bomb and had to reach for the check.”, Thompson said.