NASCAR Broadcaster Under Fire Over Comments Made During Sunday’s Cup Series Race

NASCAR Broadcaster Mike Joy

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Mike Joy is a legend in the world of NASCAR racing.

Joy, 73, has been calling races since he was hired ad a pit reporter for CBS in 1973.

But now the Fox Sports commentator finds himself on the wrong side of the ire of NASCAR fans across the country.

During Fox’s coverage of the NASCAR Cup Series race from Phoenix Raceway, Joy commented about fans who complain about the number of commercials shown during a race.

“For all the keyboard warriors, I’m gonna do this in words of one syllable,” he said. “The last green-flag, full-screen break of this race comes right now.”

The comments were in response to fans who have complained they miss too much of the race due to commercials. Specifically, it appears he was referring to one fan in particular.

Auto racing, unlike other sports, does not have many (or any, depending on the series) designated stops in the action. So, commercials are regularly run during throughout the race.

Though Formula 1 races are aired on ESPN (via Sky Sports simulcast) with a commercial.

NASCAR races, which are often double the length (jn time) or more than F1 races, are littered with commercials throughout. The commercials were such a large issue that they substantially affected viewing of the 2023 Daytona 500.

Joy is popular among most NASCAR fans and will likely enter the series’ hall of fame before it’s all said and done. But those same fans weren’t pleased with what he had to say.


Fox broadcasting coverage of Nascar treats the race like a sitcom,” one fan said. “Something to make fun of, act like nobody really cares about missing racing action by filling it with silly Clint Bowyer-isms and a completely silly pre-race show. Compare to NBC who respects the intricacies and engineering of the sport. They don’t treat their fans like they’re stupid and need some kind of gimmick or “farmer wants a wife”ing of the product.”

Joy’s comments will likely blow over. But it’s an unnecessary misstep for someone with so much experience.

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