NASCAR Fan Falls Asleep In The Infield At The Coca Cola 600 So Her Family Just Left Her There


You know you might be a redneck if you fall asleep in the infield of Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca Cola 600 and your family decides rather than wake you up they just leave you there and go home.

At least that’s what happened to NASCAR fan Jody Nash, who was left alone overnight among the porta-potties, swimming pools, coolers, beer cans and other assorted trash following the annual Memorial Day Weekend NASCAR event that was delayed one hour and 40 minutes by rain and finished after midnight on Sunday.

“Hey, mom, I’m okay!” Nash told WBTV on Monday morning, while holding a Bud Light in her hand, because of course she was. “I’m still here in Turn two! Y’all come get me?”

She did find a tent that was left behind in the infield among the debris so that was her go-to plan if she was forced to spend the night again at the race track. Thankfully, WBTV reports, Nash did eventually find a ride home at some point on Monday afternoon. Guess someone eventually figured out how to get back inside and locate her in turn two so she could finally go home.

Gotta love NASCAR fans.

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