Nate Diaz Wants To Beat Jake Paul For Being A Bad Influence On Kids

Esther Lin / MVP Promotions

Nate Diaz has a reason why he wants to beat Jake Paul in their boxing match on Saturday night.

According to Diaz, Paul’s disrespectful promotion of their fight is a bad influence on kids who watch him on a daily basis.

Diaz took issue with Paul allowing one of his young employees to talk trash to him during the press conference earlier this week.

“I can’t wait to see Jake knock you the f— out’ said Paul’s employee after being given a microphone from Jake’s PR team.

During an interview with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, Diaz complained about Paul’s lack of professionalism during the fight’s promotion.

That is f—— lame shit to have people thinking that’s the way, they’re influencing people, little sh–heads…I think he’s a bad example for kids, I’m a martial artist and this is the horror of boxing and you’re going let some kid in here talking sh-t? So I wasn’t mad at him but the amateur promotion of making it the new wave of how to do things, just making a sh–show for all the little sh–heads and I’m good off that, I’m from the old school and I’m going to keep old school and that’s what we’re here to do, take this MFer out and let people know how it’s meant to be done right.”

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