Nate Diaz Likely Made $15-20 Million For Fight Vs Jake Paul According To Report

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Nate Diaz got paid big money to fight Jake Paul.

On Saturday night, Diaz lost to the social media influencer turned boxer in a 10-round fight via unaninimous decision.

During the fight, Diaz got dropped but didn’t suffer any major damage.

Bloody Elbow’s John Nash interviewed Diaz’s manager Zach Rosenfield, and Rosenfield claims both Paul and Diaz will be making well into the “eight figures” for the fight due to their 50/50 co-promotion of the event.

Via Bloody Elbow

According to Rosenfeld, Diaz will be getting a cut of everything: The pay-per-view, which they are partnering with DAZN for; The commercial (bar) pay-per-views; Tickets, with the gate projected to be over $3 million; Merchandise. And all levels of sponsorships, both in and out of the ring.

Rosenfield also told ESPN that Paul and Diaz will each earn “well into the eight figures.” When I asked him about how much Nate stands to make, he was more vague but noted the deal was structured “very similar to that of a top boxer,” and that “fans would be shocked by the amount. It would definitely make you consider wanting to box.”

Nash, who writes about the business of MMA quite often, estimates that Diaz brought in between $15 and $20 million for his fight against Paul.

Diaz will surely be looking at what is easily the highest payday of his career, dwarfing the slightly more than $4 million he supposedly earned in his rematch with Conor Mcgregor.

Depending on how well it sells on pay-per-view it could also possibly match or eclipse his entire career’s earnings in MMA (between $15 million to $20 million according to my estimation.)

Paul has already offered Diaz a rematch fight in MMA for a guaranteed $10 million, but Diaz has already turned that down because he would need more money to make it happen.

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