Derrick Lewis And Nate Diaz Got Weird During Tonight’s UFC Broadcast

Things went off the rails during tonight’s UFC Fight Night broadcast on FS1 after Derrick Lewis ko’ed his opponent Marcin Tybura. Immediately after the fight was over Lewis gave a very awkward NSFW sexual shout out to his girlfriend watching at home during the post-fight interview.

That’s the way I fight. I know you’re new to the game coming over from Bellator but that’s the way I do it baby. To my baby, April, better get ready girl, I’m going deep

As soon as Fox cut away from Lewis’ interview, the camera panned towards Nate Diaz who went proceeded to put a blunt his mouth and nearly lit it live on-air.

This might be the greatest thirty seconds in sports history. You know that the Fox Sports suits were sweating profusely when they witnessed both Lewis’s and Diaz’s antics.

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