The NBA Won’t Let The Milwaukee Bucks Wear Their Cream City Uniforms Anymore For An Extremely Weird Reason

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The Milwaukee Bucks are currently in the midst of a golden era in franchise history. The organization won just its second-ever Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2021. It boasts perhaps the best player in the entire NBA in Giannis Antetokoumpo, and the Bucks figure to be title contenders yet again in 2022-23.

But beyond that, since rebranding in 2015, Milwaukee has boasted some of the most aesthetically pleasing jerseys in the entire league. In 2019, the team released new “Cream City” City Edition jerseys. Both the name and look of the jerseys took after city’s creamed-colored brick buildings that date back to the 19th century.

The jerseys were an immediate hit. So fans were upset to see the team reveal new, blue City Edition jerseys for the 2022-23 season. Many wondered why they would change what was such a beloved look.

Now it appears we have an answer. And a strange one at that.

NBA Banned Bucks’ Cream City Jerseys Due To Technical Difficulties

As it turns out, the Bucks would have loved to keep the Cream City unis. But the NBA would not allow it according to Milwaukee CMO Dustin Godsey.

Godsey then gave an interview to Paul Lukas of Uniwatch explaining that the jerseys were banned due to a technical glitch on TV game broadcasts.

“I’m not sure I want to deal with the can of worms it will open, so I’ll tell you privately,” he wrote back. “But you, in particular, are going to hate it: Teams can’t wear cream anymore because it interferes with the digital ads that are placed on the court in broadcast due to the uniforms being so close to the color of the wood that is keyed out in the process.” – via UniWatch

So there you have it. The Bucks not only can’t wear the 2019-20 unis, but they also can’t wear any cream-colored uniforms. And that goes for the rest of the league. The Philadelphia 76ers had a similar-colored uniform in 2019-20 as well.

For all the good that modern technology does, this is a true travesty.