The NBA Drug Tested Damian Lillard Immediately After 71 Point Game

Damian Lillard taunting hs opponent

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The NBA is back at it with their “random” drug tests.

On Sunday night, Damian Lillard exploded and scored 71 points to the Trailblazers to a blowout win against the Houston Rockets.

Immediately after the game, the NBA asked Lillard to have some blood drawn to get drug tested.

“I was like, ‘Are y’all serious?’” Lillard said. “I did the urine test yesterday, and then they backed it up with the blood-drawn tonight after the game—that’s actually my first time in my career being tested after a game.

Lillard said he didn’t appreciate getting his blood drawn because he’s afraid of needles.

“And then aside from that, they know that I’m scared of needles,” he added. “I know I got a lot of tattoos, but when you doing a blood draw it’s different than tattoos.”

Hopefully the NBA chills out with the drug tests because Lillard is likely to go off again this season.

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