NBA Fans Up In Arms Over Joel Embiid Clip That’s Taken Completely Out Of Context

Joel Embiid and James Harden in the NBA Playoffs

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

The Philadelphia 76ers blew their series lead against the Boston Celtics after losing Game 7 by double digits.

They find themselves eliminated from the NBA Playoffs again and now many are heated at Joel Embiid over his latest comments.

However, the clip that’s since gone viral is seemingly out of context. For that reason, we take a further dive into what he conversed about after the Game 7 loss.

So, the video in question has Embiid saying, “Me and James, we can’t win alone. That’s why basketball is played five-on-five. We need everybody to find ways to be better.”

He does make those comments. But he’s not throwing the rest of the 76ers under the bus that many think he’s implying.

JL Sinna, a Twitter user, called out the national media and clarified what transpired during the post game presser.

With that said, here is the video, the question and full response that many are missing.

So, when Embiid said “we need everybody to find ways to be better,” he was talking about his teammates returning to Philadelphia.

For that reason, NBA fans got all up in arms over a clip take completely out of context, which ultimately made Joel Embiid look bad.

The 76ers star was not throwing his team under the bus. It was actually the exact opposite.

This is why it’s important to watch the full videos. A safe method to making sure it’s a full clip is to find the video that also includes the question asked.

That way, we can avoid situations like these as best as possible.