Yes, The NCAA Will Still Let Monmouth’s Hoops Team Dance On The Bench

The Monmouth men’s basketball team might have a 5-3 record and is unranked this season, but that hasn’t stopped them from being the talk of college hoops thanks to its bench getting down as if it’s the fucking last day of school—which has pissed off a few people. those who think this is a bad thing, screw you! Sports are supposed to be fun, and these kids are just doing that, bringing no harm onto anyone.

Thankfully, the NCAA realized that, too, deciding today that they WILL NOT be changing their rules regarding bench celebrations following Monmouth getting attention for their dances, which means opponents better get used to the Hawks’ bench squad continuing to do so.

According to ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, the NCAA had seriously considered changing things up, though.


Once word leaked out, NCAA director of media coordination and statistics, David Worlock, replied with this:


While it was discussed, at least the NCAA isn’t turning into the NFL and prohibiting their players from actually having a little fun. So, keep doing you, Monmouth!

[H/T SB Nation]

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