NCAA Tournament Team Had Their Basket Checked Before Their Horrendous Shooting Performance

NCAA Tournament basketball

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

After an exciting day of college basketball yesterday, fans had good reason to expect there might be a few less enthralling games they’d be watching during today’s slate of NCAA Tournament games.

There were just some matchups that looked destined to have teams struggle on the offensive end.

Michigan State and USC both allowed an average of around 67.5 points per game this year.

VCU and St Mary’s both boasted elite defenses this season, but had limitations on offense.

Tonight’s game between Arizona State and TCU has a lot of potential to become a defensive struggle.

Despite all of those matchup with the potential to be a bit lacking on the offensive end, there’s a clear choice for the worst offensive game of the day.

Pitt and Iowa State combined for a brutal 100 total points in their match today.

Iowa State was mostly to blame for the low output. They didn’t make a field goal for the first 10 minutes of the game, shot just 23.3% from the field for the entire game, and went 2/21 from 3. They ended up scoring just 41 points i the game.

According to The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker, Iowa State actually asked to have the basket they were warming up on checked before the game and officials actually made a minor adjustment to make sure the rim was level.

I have a feeling some Iowa State fans might try and use this as an excuse for the loss, but this Cyclone team struggling to score isn’t exactly a surprise. They haven’t been great on offense all year.

Just in the month of February they were held in the 50s in 4 separate losses and their most recent game saw them score 58 against Kansas.

Now they head into the offseason potentially having been the NCAA Tournament’s lowest scoring team.