Netherlands Bakery Selling Suarez Waffles With Missing Bite Should Probably Sell Robben Flopjacks, Too

by 4 years ago


An intrepid Dutch baker has decided to capitalize on current events to sell his wares. After all, America does not own capitalism.

The Luis Suarez-inspired waffles come with a singular bite already missing. One imagines there’s a really fat guy in the back pre-chomping these things a la Newman in Seinfeld.

I must say, however, that this marketing ploy seems a little lame after what happened yesterday, as the Netherlands flopped their way past Mexico.

So, may I humbly suggest Robben Flopjacks? Perhaps an Apple Fallover? Or a delicious Oranje Bluffin? You know, in the interest of not taking your country too seriously.

[H/T: Fox Sports]

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