Knicks Lose In Knicks Fashion As Nets Inbound Pass Off Of Player’s Back To Run Out Final Seconds

nets inbound pass off knicks back

Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

The New York Knicks lost a basketball game on Sunday night. They’ve now lost three straight games and are 4-13 on the year; you know, just Knicks things.

Sunday night’s loss to the Nets, however, ended in Knicks fashion.

With Brooklyn up two with less than a second left they decided to pull the old pass the ball in off the guy’s back move to force the final ticks off of the clock. It’s a nice heads up play from Joe Harris and not so much from Wayne Ellington.

It’s obviously a tough situation for the defensive team here as likely nothing is going to come about with 0.4 seconds left on the clock, but for this to happen to the Knicks in Madison Square Garden just feels right thanks to the Knicks simply being a laughing stock.

Ellington is doing the right thing here defensively, face-guarding the floor and picking up any player that cuts across and this is just a risk you take when back-facing the inbound passer, especially that closet to the ball.

This is a play we see in the NBA each and every year, but it still never gets old thanks to the player that it happens to react almost in a scared way because it throws them off so badly.

New York is a Nets city now, which you already knew, but if you need extra confirmation Brooklyn is now 2-0 against the Knicks this season.

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