College Bro Who Never Played Basketball In His Life Nails Four Straight Shots For $10K

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10K Shot


This bitch. This lucky bitch.

His name is Gustavo Angel Tamayo and he just had the luckiest day of his life. Here’s his story:

“When Tennessee’s Bryan College kicked off their basketball season Monday night with a big rally called the Late Night Roar, the contest was part of the festivities. A $10,000 prize awaited the student who could accomplish the feat, which seems hard enough even if there weren’t a 30-second clock running.

Gustavo Angel Tamayo has never played basketball. The senior gained asylum in England at the age of 6 and grew up there before moving to the U.S. for school. Soccer has always been his favorite sport and he hopes to continue playing professionally after his tenure as the college’s center midfielder is over.”

Alright, so we know what’s going on. Let’s watch Gustavo’s performance, and then I’ll drop the hammer down after the video with one more nugget of information about the young man.

Impressive. Even more impressive when I tell you if you look close enough you’ll notice HE’S GOT A BROKEN FINGER ON HIS LEFT HAND.

This bitch.

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