BREAKING: Alleged Bank-Robbing Chiefs Fan Cut Off His Ankle Bracelet, Is On The Run

Chiefs super fan

Getty Image / Sam Greenwood

Every sports franchise has a well-known super fan that’s basically a celebrity amongst the fanbase. However, not all of them have allegedly robbed a bank.

The Kansas City Chiefs fan Xavier Michael Babudar, otherwise known as Chiefsaholic, has been under scrutiny after reports claim he possibly robbed a bank on the way to a game.

Well, now it appears the Chiefs super fan is on the run and has a $1 million bond at this moment.

I interviewed Michael Lloyd, Babudar’s bondsman, over the phone and he provided some inside knowledge about what’s going on with Babudar.

The following interview is paraphrased for easy reading.

Question: How long has Xavier Michael Babudar been on the run for?

Michael Lloyd: Babudar cut off his leg monitor at approximately 8:30 P.M. on Saturday, March 25. So I’ve been hunting after him since then.

Q: Are there any leads on where he might be headed?

Lloyd: So, he has a close relationship with his mother and brother. Those three are rarely ever separated. Babudar’s mother and brother left Tulsa and we previously believed that Xavier was with them. However, we later found out that they left Tulsa about two hours before Babudar even cut off his leg monitor. So, right now, he could either be somewhere else, still in Tulsa, or heading toward his family. I’m currently keeping a close eye on his mom and brother, as there is a real possibility Xavier shows up. That’s our only lead. But for now, his whereabouts are unknown.

Q: What will happen once he’s caught?

Lloyd: It really depends on his location. If it’s someone that isn’t the Tulsa police, he’ll be held in jail of that city/state. The Tulsa PD will be notified and then it is their job to go and pick him up. In the end, Babudar will eventually be back in Tulsa custody.

Q: There were rumors that Babudar made bond to attend the Super Bowl to watch the Chiefs play. Is there any truth to that?

Lloyd: So, everybody is innocent until proven guilty. And the situation he’s in, it’s common for people to make bond to get out of jail and get their ducks in a row. It’s just much easier to do that outside of jail than it is being locked up. So, yes, he did make bail. However, court officials were adamant he could not attend the Super Bowl and watch the Chiefs play. Even if I was in attendance with him. He was given a leg monitor, so, once he was out of jail, the only area he could be was his place of residency, which has been a hotel in Tulsa.

Q: Any idea why Babudar fled?

Lloyd: There are an array of reasons why. The answer to that is unclear at this time though. We truly want the best for Xavier. I’ve gotten to know him and some of the things going on and I truly want to help him. When I helped him, I never would’ve guessed he was someone capable of robbing a bank. He possibly got pressured from somewhere. But that too is currently unknown. We don’t know why Xavier ran. But once that information comes to light, then I can actually help him. The attorney is still working on his case too, as there’s more to Xavier’s story than him just allegedly robbing a bank. So, there’s still a team of people trying to help Xavier. If Xavier turns himself into me and we can find out why he did this, then I can give him all of the help he needs.

Q: What are the next steps once Xavier Michael Babudar is found?

Lloyd: Really, it would just be trying to figure out everything he needs and help him as much as possible. We’d definitely fight to get his bond back to the original amount.

With that said, this is a rather serious case, as Tulsa police and his bondsman are searching for Xavier Michael Babudar’s whereabouts.

Lloyd has been a bondsman for 17 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s known as “The Caring Bondsman.” Based on the conversation I had with him, it’s clear to see why he earned that nickname.

If anyone knows of Babudar’s whereabouts, Michael Lloyd would like for you to contact 918-636-5946.