New Details Emerge On Bets That Led To Calvin Ridley’s Suspension


Getty Image / Rich von Bilberstein

  • Calvin Ridley was suspended for all of next season for gambling on NFL games
  • More details have now been revealed about the bets that he placed
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Maybe Calvin Ridley isn’t the best source for information on Calvin Ridley’s gambling habits. After news broke of his suspension, Ridley took to Twitter to let fans know that he had only wagered $1500 on the bets that got him in trouble.

According to SportsHandle, that number isn’t accurate. They reported today that Ridley’s total wagers actually added up to $3900. That money was spread across 6 different wagers. 5 of the bets were parlays, including a $300 dollar 11-leg parlay that would have paid out over $144,000 if it had won. All 5 parlays included the Falcons moneyline.

There was also a $1300 live wager placed on the Falcons’ team total.

To make matters worse for Ridley, that wasn’t the only one of his recent tweets that was proven to be inaccurate.

Based of the bets he placed, it seems unlikely that Ridley actually learns from his Ls. If he did, then more than years with the Falcons would have taught him not to bet on the Falcons or their team total, especially when he isn’t in the lineup. Unsurprisingly, all of those wagers were graded as losses.

It was also revealed today that Ridley had placed other wagers beyond the ones that earned him the suspension. He had a pair of $100 parlays on NFL games that didn’t involve the Falcons and he won both for a combined profit of $654. He also actively bet on other leagues, placing more than $32,000 in bets on other leagues.

Calvin Ridley might want to give up on sports gambling after taking a net loss of $1186 and costing himself $11 million in the process.