New England Patriots End Up Bringing Back Both QBs They Waived

New England Patriots helmet

Getty Image / Erica Denhoff

Yesterday, the New England Patriots made a couple of surprising decisions as they trimmed their roster down to 53 players.

They waived Bailey Zappe and then also moved on from Malik Cunningham shortly after.

Those two moves left the team without anybody backing up Mac Jones at quarterback.

The situation has definitely settled any questions about the team’s level of confidence in Jones as their starter, but it also means that they’ll have to make one more big decision before the start of the regular season.

It turns out that they already had plans to bring both of their waived QBs back.

According to NFL insider Tom Pelissero the Pats are re-signing Bailey Zappe.

They also brought back Malik Cunningham according to Adam Schefter.

Zappe proved that he can be a capable backup for the Patriots last year.

In his first regular season action, he took the Packers to overtime at Lambeau Field.

He then proceeded to collect wins over the Lions and Browns in the first two starts of his NFL career.

His 4th appearance was a disappointing one as he rotated in for Jones in Jones’ first game back from injury. The team got crushed by the Bears in that game.

Despite his last appearance not being all that great, Bailey Zappe proved himself to be a solid option to back Jones up.

Cunningham will also be an interesting addition to the team’s practice squad after working as a QB, a receiver, and a runner in the preseason.

It looks like the weird move from the New England Patriots is going to end up working out for them.