New Orleans Saints New Alternate Helmet Reveal Goes Over Well With The Fans

New Orleans Saints Reveal New Gorgeous Black Helmet

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  • The New Orleans Saints are adding a new lid to their wardrobe.
  • The new helmet is black and will be worn for at least one game.
  • Check out the reactions from the fans.

The New Orleans Saints made some noise on Thursday morning, and it isn’t for anything happening on the football field.

Instead, it is for a new helmet design the Saints unveiled. This new lid will be worn for at least one game this season, and if it catches on, the Saints might wear them for more than one game.

Check it out.

A black helmet? Yes, a black helmet. And it is beautiful.

Here’s a more detailed look.

Saints Fans Seem To Be Thrilled With The New Helmet Design

Sometimes, things as simple as uniform changes send a shockwave through the fan base. Well, the Saints did exactly that after dropping these new helmets.

The reactions, at least for the most part, are in favor of this new helmet design. Other fans are hoping the Saints follow through with an all-black uniform, and imagining that fit is quite the intriguing idea.

Sometimes, things as simple as new uniforms touches can be a burst of excitement for teams. For the Saints, it seems that is the case, at least for the consensus.