ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Went Through Every Single Stage Of Grief During Jets Wins Over Bills

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Largely speaking, New York Jets fans are an extremely tortured group of individuals.

The Jets have not won or even played in a Super Bowl since 1968.

Historically, they’re one of the NFL’s least successful franchises, with just a .440 all-time win percentage.

And there’s perhaps no more tortured, tormented New York Jets fan than ESPN star Mike Greenberg.

Greenberg, who made his name as one half of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” alongside Mike Golic, is currently the host of the daily morning show “Get Up.”

The New York native has regularly discussed his diehard Jets fandom and has stayed with the franchise through thick and thin.

Monday night’s victory over the Buffalo Bills provided both thick and thin, and it nearly put Greenberg in an early grave.

Thankfully, Greenberg’s wife Stacy and daughter Nikki were able to document the entire experience.

Things started off poorly as Greenberg, who was joined by coworkers and NFL vets Damien Woody and Dominique Foxworth (among others), struggled to even get the game on TV.

But there was early excitement thanks to Jets running back Breece Hall.

That’s when things took a turn. Superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers left the game just four snaps in after suffering an injury.

And Greenberg was inconsolable.

Fans began to worry about the ESPN star. Thankfully, his daughter provided an update.

But it wasn’t all bad. The Jets did come back to win, which gave Greenberg a moment of happiness.

Although that happiness appears to have disappeared by Tuesday morning’s episode of “Get Up.”

That’s just too much to put one man through in a single night. But such is life as a Jets fan. Thankfully, it looks like Greenberg will at least make it to Week 2. Though if he makes it any further is yet to be seen.