New York Post Front Page Features Gisele Bundchen Asking Tom Brady Why His Balls Are Soft

The New York Post’s DeflateGate cover this morning is classic New York Post. Using a very old photo of Tom Brady (with locks a-flowin’) and wife Gisele Bundchen, the tabloid pokes fun at the latest New England Patriots scandal with predictable professionalism. And a word bubble!

The supermodel wants to know why the quarterback’s balls have gotten so soft.

Haha. Get it? Soft balls. Softball joke.

It’s stuff like this that makes the Post my favorite blog masquerading as a newspaper. You cannot pick up a copy and not be entertained.

It also seems like a wonderful place to work because no idea ever is considered out of bounds. Not a single thought is stifled in the name of good taste.

Keep on being you, Post. You’re the best in the goddamn biz.