Bleachers Clear In Vicious HS Basketball Fight In Oklahoma

basketball going through hoop

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It is hard to point fingers based on the video evidence but one thing is for certain: some of the adults in this HS basketball fight video were not setting a great example for the students.

Upwards of 50 people were involved in a fight during a girl’s high school basketball game in Morris, Oklahoma over the weekend.

Several adults have since been banned from school grounds during athletic events for the rest of the year, according to TMZ Sports.

Footage of the shocking incident has gone viral after being shared on Facebook and elsewhere:

Oklahoma’s KFOR News reported this HS basketball fight lasted “about five minutes” before police arrived and began to break things up.

It does appear as if some adults were making earnest attempts to stop the violence. However, seeing one adult throw one of the players onto the ground is a moment that has stood out to many.

Skylar Brooks, one of the people who filmed the violent HS basketball fight, told KFOR “It really wasn’t like a dirty game. I mean, everybody seemed normal. So, it definitely caught me off guard… There were a few players involved, but most of the players were standing back. So, yeah, it was definitely, I would say more of the fans and parents.”

She told the news there was no security at the game and the boy’s game was held after the fight, long after police arrived.

The Morris Police Department would later tell news outlets that nobody was arrested or injured. Which seems to be the only silver lining in an otherwise scary incident.