Neymar’s Contract Details Emerge And He’s Basically Being Treated Like Royalty

New Al-Hilal star Neymar

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Neymar recently signed a two-year $300 million contract (can get up to $400 million) with Saudi club Al-Hilal and the finer details give him numerous extra perks.

From the sounds of it, the soccer star is basically being treated like royalty. Even if rumors are that Kylian Mbappe forced him out of PSG.

According to Transfer News Live, not only is Neymar receiving $300 million from Al-Hilal, but he’s also being given a private plane, a fully staffed mansion, an €80K bonus for every win, and a whopping €500K “for every post or story he puts on his social media that promotes Saudi Arabia.”

For anyone curious, €80K translates to just over $87K. While €500K is just under $546K.

A private plane is one thing is pretty common for anyone who is rich. But a mansion with a full staff is a completely new level. Especially for a professional athlete.

It’s safe to say that Neymar is probably going to enjoy his time playing for Al-Hilal. Anytime he’s at home it’ll be like he’s at a vacation resort.

Meanwhile, you’re telling me he makes over half a million dollars every time he promotes Saudi Arabia on social media? He’s going to be posting something every minute right? Regardless, this guy made a pretty good joke about it on Twitter.

I’m sure there’s a limit to what he can post per day, but those details weren’t given in Neymar’s contract. So, we can only assume Neymar can post about Saudi Arabia at will.

Either way, Neymar is probably going to enjoy his time playing for Al-Hilal, as he’s basically being treated like royalty right now.