You Won’t Believe Some Of The Insane Questions A Prospect Had To Answer At The NFL Combine

Over the past handful of years, the NFL Combine has turned into a full-fledged circus, intensely covered by a sea of reporters along with door-to-door, live coverage on the NFL Network. So you can actually take the day off from work to watch NFL prospects do the broad jump, the vertical jump, and the always intense 3-cone drill, among others.

But what we don’t get to see is actually the best part: The truly asinine questions that scouts ask potential draft picks.

Thankfully, former 2010, 5th round pick Austen Lane has it all covered for us, and it comes in delightful GIF format.

Seriously, this shit is so ridiculous, he chose the absolute perfect way to mock it.

Are there even words for this one? What’s the proper answer here that would make a scout glow and award you a high score? Not sure I actually want to know.

But I’m pretty sure this would be my reaction:

Then there’s the admirable subtlety…

Are you picking up on the WTF theme here? Amazingly awful.

This is the one spot where a prospect could actually impress and simply say: “Neither. With my bare fucking hands, bro.”

A simple reply of “commando” would be the only chance to break up the awkward tension.

And we wonder why the NFL has a pretty big problem with violence.

With that, I highly recommend that all NFL scouts do some deep soul searching and start asking themselves some serious questions.

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