NFL Insider Dianna Russini Leaving ESPN To Join The Athletic

Dianna Russini

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Image

Dianna Russini, a prominent figure in sports journalism, is bidding adieu to her eight-year tenure at ESPN to become The Athletic’s top NFL insider, according to New York Post’s Andrew Marchand.

Russini’s decision to leave the broadcasting giant was not without contemplation. Despite ESPN’s counteroffer to sweeten her deal, the seasoned reporter opted for a fresh chapter at The Athletic.

This transition marks a significant shift for Russini, who had firmly established herself as a vital contributor to ESPN’s NFL coverage.

During her time at ESPN, Russini became renowned for her insightful reporting, comprehensive coverage, and engaging on-screen presence.

The Athletic, a subscription-based sports reporting service, has rapidly ascended the ranks of the industry.

Acquired by The New York Times for a staggering $550 million in January 2022, the platform has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to in-depth coverage, analysis, and insider insights.

The addition of Dianna Russini to its roster signifies a pivotal step towards solidifying The Athletic’s status as a go-to destination for comprehensive NFL coverage.

This seismic shift in Russini’s career comes on the heels of ESPN’s recent workforce reshuffling.

The broadcasting powerhouse recently implemented a round of layoffs, affecting approximately 20 employees, including some of its most recognizable names.