Report Reveals One Of The NFL Draft’s Top QBs Is ‘Not An Easy Guy To Coach’

NFL Draft stage

Getty Image / Jeff Speer

With the NFL well into its pre-draft process, you would think that organizations and fans know just about everything there is to know about the top prospects for this year’s draft.

The tape has been watched.

The measurements have been taken.

The interviews have been done.

Yet it seems there is one reporter who has heard that there is one very important detail that has been missed about one of the draft’s top prospects.

Today, the GMShuffle podcast’s Michael Lombardi revealed on VSIN that he has heard that CJ Stroud is “not the easiest guy to coach”.

It’s kind of surprising that after 2 years as the starting quarterback for one of college football’s biggest programs and over a month of meeting with NFL teams, this is the first time we’re hearing about Stroud being tough to coach.

Luckily for CJ Stroud, it might not matter even if this is true.

The Houston Texans don’t really have a ton of other options with the 2nd pick in the draft if Bryce Young is taken 1st overall.

The Texans desperately need a quarterback after 2 years of trying to see if Davis Mills could stick as an NFL starter and taking Anthony Richardson would just be too big of a swing for them.

The Texans need to create some sort of stability in the organization as they turn to their 4th coach in as many years.

Somebody like Will Anderson could very well be an elite talent at the NFL level, but it’s hard for an edge rusher to completely change the fortunes of a struggling franchise.

There have been reports that they could be looking in that direction, but it would be surprising to see the Texans pass on a QB in the hopes they can land one next year and roll with either Mills or Case Keenum this year.

Whatever ends up happening, things are really starting to get interesting at the top of this year’s NFL Draft.