NFL Executive Gives Wild Reason To Draft Stetson Bennett

NFL prospect Stetson Bennett

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

Over the next few days, NFL teams will be examining every single reason can find to draft or not draft every prospect available.

Some of those could be somewhat strange.

Yesterday, an NFL executive shared a wild reason to draft Stetson Bennett.

“He’s done some dumb s—. But you kind of like [him],” an NFC executive said. “He’s like, You know what? F— it, here you go. Go ahead and not draft me or take me late and piss me off some more. But he doesn’t even look at like it like he’s got a chip on his shoulder. I just think I’m better than you — he’s talked himself into that. And you can poke holes in him all you want — he’s bigger than Bryce Young. He won more games than Bryce. I know he’s older, but he’s a sharp guy, can make plays with his feet and, at the same time, can make plays with his arm. Does he have a big arm? No. But he’s good enough. He’s tough as hell.”

Whoever does end up drafting Stetson Bennett won’t exactly be taking a huge risk by taking him. He is being projected as a 5th or 6th round pick, so whoever the team picks there would be a dart throw.

However, “he’s tough and confident” aren’t exactly reasons to take a quarterback. Maybe they are reasons to take a lineman. Maybe somebody with special teams upside.

We’ll see what Bennett ends up being capable of at the next level, but this probably shouldn’t convince teams to take a swing on a guy that wasn’t successful in college until he was the oldest player on the field.